“Where Champions are Made!”

The Orlando Chess and Games Center (OCGC) offers USCF rated Scholastic and Quick Open tournaments each month at its tournament venue located at Campus Cards & Games 585 N Cortenay Pkwy, Merritt Island FL 32953.

OCGC Chess Club is now meeting on Wednesday evenings (starting at 6:30pm), subject to sufficient players. Contact us for further details!

OCG/OCA September Tournament Ends With a Clear Winner in Both Sections!

“Chess is Everything: Art, Science, and Sport” – Anatoly Karpov, former World Chess Champion. Like music and art, chess is a universal language that brings people together. Chess is so much more than just a game. It is an art, a sport, a great way to sharpen your mind, and is a microcosm of life! Many of life’s lessons are present on the chessboard.

Chess is about considering the consequences of our decisions before we make them. It is also about living with our mistakes, which are not failures, but opportunities for learning and growth. Like life, chess teaches us that there are endless possibilities. It allows us to be creative and to develop our own style. Whether you have a great position and are searching for the win, or have an inferior position and are fighting back: belief in yourself: hard work and determination are important life skills that chess helps us practice.

Chess also teaches us that we must follow the rules and treat people with respect. As in life, there is no perfection in chess but rather the constant ability to improve, grow, learn, and even discover something new.

In addition, OCG offers scholastic chess programs for schools. If you are a teacher or school administrator and would like to inquire about starting a chess program for your school, please contact Alex Zelner.