OCG June Quick had a 4.5/5 Winner; Scholastic had a 5/5 Winner!

View the USCF Crosstable for the Quick Tournament

View the USCF Crosstable for the Scholastic Tournament

In the Quick, Ryan Hamley (1785) beat Arthur Hernandez-Visbal (1034) with Black, Michael Bienenstock (1539) with White, Zoe Zelner (1623) with White, drew FM Alex Zelner (1922) with Black, and defeated Phillip Durand (1770) with White to win the tournament outright on 4.5/5.

In the Scholastic, Simon Gong (1072) beat Roza Zelner (499) with White, Kenji Blakeley (871) with Black, Andersen Liao (876) with White, Aiden Aysun (675) with Black, and Keyes Rodriguez (1063) with White for a perfect 5/5 score, winning his section outright.

Congratulations to Ryan and Simon on great performances!

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