OCG May Quick and Scholastic had a 4.5/5 Winner!

In the Quick Tournament NM Theo Slade (2019) beat Michael Bienenstock (1700) as Black in round one in the Orangutan. Then he defeated Carlos Gutierrez as White. In the antepenultimate round, Slade split the point with Yevgeniy Postrekin (1869) as Black in the French Defense. In the penultimate round, Slade beat Zoe Zelner (1694) with White in the Giuoco Piano and in the last round he defeated Andy Yang (1634) with White in the Sicilian Defense. This was enough for Slade to win the first prize of $125 outright, gaining 14 rating points. Gutierrez claimed the runner-up spot, whilst FM Alex Zelner (1955), Postrekin, and Yang shared 3rd-5th.

In the Scholastic, Anthony Gilas (853) defeated William Workman (225) with Black, Roza Zelner (553) as White, Luke Elshoff (715) with Black, and Arthur Hernandez-Visbal (735) as White, drawing with Mike Yang (866) in the antepenultimate round. This impressive performance earned him 63 Regular rating points and 30 Quick rating points. Congratulations!

View the USCF Crosstable for the Quick Tournament

View the USCF Crosstable for the Scholastic Tournament

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