OCG Quick Open & Scholastic Recap

OCG April Quick Open & Scholastic Recap

The April OCG Tournament was held this past Saturday, April 9th. Thirty-six players participated in the event held at the new Orlando Chess & Games Center in Longwood. The tournament featured two five-round sections: an Open Quick-Rated Section with cash prizes, and a Scholastic section with trophies and medals awarded to all participants.

Eighteen players competed in the Quick-Rated Open Section with a time control of 24 minutes. Congratulations to NM Theo Slade (2094) who finished with a perfect score of 5 points and took home the first place prize of $160. Christian Haars (1474) won clear second and $105 with 4 points. William Hardison (1285) won third place and $70 with 3.5 points.

Catherine Zelner (1400) and Ivan Goponenko (1407) split the $50 U1600 prize with 3 points each. Omar Cruz Urieta (988) won the $50 U1400 prize and Thompson Fletcher won the $50 U1200 prize with 2 points each.

The scholastic section also featured 18 participants and had a slightly longer time control of Game/30 making it dual rated (counting for both quick and regular ratings). Congratulations Kevin Nguyen (935) who finished with a perfect score of 5 points to win the first-place trophy! Veronica Bajo (609) and Person Fraser (680) tied for second place with 4 points each. Their only losses came to Kevin, the first-place finisher. Seven players tied for fourth place with 3 points each. Congratulations to Aashish Jagan (376) who won fourth place on tiebreaks and Vanessa Bajo (721) who won fifth place on tiebreaks. Honorable mention goes to Matthew King, who at 5 years old was the youngest player in the tournament!

We’d like to thank all who came and participated in last Saturday’s event. The next OCG tournament will be held on May 7th. We hope to see you there!

-Steven Vigil
Chief TD

You can find the OCG Quick Open crosstable here.

You can find the OCG Scholastic crosstable here.

Life Master Theo Slade annotated the pivotal game of the OCG Quick Open and you can play through it with his notes below.